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Your car takes a beating during the winter months. The exterior is bombarded by snow, ice, rain, and wind, and then road salt comes at it for weeks on end. And the interior? Who wants to clean out a car when it’s so cold outside? If you’re like us, all you want to do is make a mad dash into your cozy home after pulling in the driveway. The fast-food wrappers, coffee mug, and gym shoes can wait.

However, you don’t have to live this way forever. Now that spring is upon us, don’t you think it’s time for a deep cleaning?

At Route 5 Car Wash, we recommend that you bring your vehicle over to us at least once a year for a thorough car detailing. In 30 minutes or less (with our Express Car Detailing package), your car can be sparkling clean inside and out.

All you have to do is clean out your personal items (those gym shoes and coffee mugs), and then leave the rest to us. Our car detailing services include:

  • Soft-touch car wash
  • Window cleaning (inside & out)
  • Exterior hand polish
  • Interior vacuuming (carpet & seats)
  • Cleaning & conditioning the dash, console, & doors
  • Washing floor mats
  • Tire Brite
  • Wheel shine

You get all these services in 30 minutes or less and all for only $39.99 if you choose our Express package. However, if you want additional detailing services, you can also check out our full-service options.

We give a whole new meaning to the phrase “spring cleaning” at Route 5. Check out all our car detailing and car wash options, and contact us at (201) 943-5118 if you have any questions. Otherwise, just stop by our Palisades Park location when you’re ready to wash off the winter filth and step into spring with a clean car.

photo credit: Talvi via photopin (license)

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