For some, car detailing is a spring and summertime luxury. Folks love to get their cars detailed and then watch the summer sun glint off the freshly polished and waxed exterior. However, our team at Route 5 Car Wash knows that car detailing in the wintertime is actually even more important for keeping your car in tip-top shape year-round.

Car Detailing in the Winter

Road Salt

One of the biggest enemies of your car is road salt. It can eat through your car’s finish and contribute to premature rusting. Also, did you know that packed-on snow, mud, or other wintertime grime can trap moisture against your car’s finish, thus can also cause premature rusting? A thorough detailing in the wintertime – including a wash, polish, and wax – will get that corrosion-causing road salt and packed-on grime off of your car.

Wet, Muddy Shoes

It’s not just your car’s exterior that needs attention. A thorough detail in winter is important for your car’s interior, too. Every time you get in your vehicle with wet, muddy, or snowy shoes, your carpet takes a hit. It needs to be cleaned more often when winter rolls around. And your shoes likely aren’t the only part of you bringing grit and grime into your car, so your cloth or leather seats need more frequent vacuuming to prevent scratches, rips, and tears.

Extreme Temperatures

Winter in New Jersey means going from freezing (or below freezing) temperatures to the occasional bright sunny day. This means your leather, vinyl, and plastic parts go through a tremendous amount of contracting and expanding, so it’s important to properly condition those surfaces to prevent them from becoming dry, brittle, and cracked.

As you can clearly see, a thorough detailing in the wintertime will do wonders for your vehicle. If you’re in the Palisades Park, Fort Lee, Edgewater, or Ridgefield, NJ, area, stop by one of the best car washes around – Route 5 Car Wash! We’re a professional, full-service car wash, and we also specialize in car detailing. Feel free to contact us at (201) 943-5118 with any questions you may have, or check out our specials online.

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