The gift-giving season is upon us and you may be scrambling to find the perfect gift that the people in your life will appreciate throughout the upcoming year. Sure, there are traditional gifts like sweaters and boxes of candy, but those can’t be used all year long. Plus, they really lack originality. Well, our team at Route 5 Car Wash has just the right idea for your loved ones: the gift of unlimited exterior car washes! Here are just a few people in your life that would benefit the most.

Car Wash Gifts

The New Driver

Teenagers love their cars, but aren’t always the best at taking care of them. Teens are known to spend a lot of time in their cars exploring their newfound freedom, and all that exploring can lead to a messy car. Additionally, if they’ve started dating, they’ll want a clean car to impress their date. With our unlimited exterior car wash deal, they’ll also have free access to the self-vacuums to get any leftover fries that might be lingering around in their ride.

The Seasoned Driver

With age comes wisdom, but unfortunately it also tends to make most of us a lot less limber. This means your aging parents or grandparents might not be able to do their own detailing anymore, and things that get dropped between seats might just stay there forever. Also, they might not be up for washing their cars in their driveways like they used to, even on a hot summer day.

The Unknown Drivers

If you have a gift exchange coming up, you won’t know who is going to receive your gift until it’s given. So, it’s important to choose something that appeals to the crowd. A gift card for car detailing is a simple idea that no one else will think of and that everyone will appreciate.

Find the perfect gift for anyone on your list at Route 5 Car Wash of Palisades Park, New Jersey. We take pride in providing expert car wash services that are tailored to fit all needs and budgets. Contact us today at (201) 943-5118 for more information.

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