Are you sending your college student back to school with their own set of wheels? It makes sense for trips to the grocery store and visits back home, but cars can be expensive to keep and maintain. And with college already being a time when your parental wallet is getting a workout, our team at Route 5 Car Wash has put together a list of tips to help your college student care for their car so it will last all four years and beyond!

Tips for College Students with Cars

1. Keep the Tires Filled

Teach your college kid to make it a habit of checking their tires as soon as the low tire pressure indicator light flicks on the dash. While it may be tempting to procrastinate, make sure they know to pull into the nearest gas station right away and take care of those tires! Also, head over to your nearest auto supply store and pick up a tire pressure gauge to keep in their car. We recommend not relying on gas station gauges, as they may or may not be accurate.

2. Maintain the Fluids

Regular oil changes are the single most important thing anyone can do for the life of their engine. However, the rest of the fluids in your car need attention too. Clean fluids help your engine run smoothly, while dirty fluids can cause damage. Even the windshield wiper fluid needs to be topped off to ensure your student has good visibility in poor weather. Wiper blades need regular replacement too, usually every six to twelve months. If your college kid isn’t comfortable doing these things themselves, make sure they know where they can get them done.

3. Keep It Clean

A clean car looks nicer and holds resale value better. Additionally, depending on what your college student is planning to do during their semester, they may need their car to make a good first impression. Whether it be driving to job interviews, first dates, or visiting a professor, it always helps to arrive in a clean car.

Before you send your college student off to campus, make sure they know the importance of keeping their car maintained. Think they could use a little extra help? Bring your student by one of our locations today to receive a quick (and extremely thorough) express touchless car wash. Or give us a call at (201) 943-5118. Located in the heart of Palisades Park, Route 5 Car Wash also offers express detailing, which doesn’t require an appointment, so your student can squeeze in a car wash between classes.

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