A winter wonderland may be a beautiful sight, but ice and snow can be pretty rough on a car. Regular washes throughout the winter will prolong the life of your car’s finishes. Looking for a quality place to take your car, rather than brave the cold and wash it yourself? Come to Route 5 Car Wash, conveniently located at the corner of Columbia Avenue and State Route 5 in Palisides Park, New Jersey. Questions about auto detailing or other services? Contact us online or call (201) 943-5118.

Cars in winter

Remove Dirt, Salt, and Grime

In winter, roads are more likely to be covered in moisture from half-frozen ice, snow, or water. The moisture mixes with dirt, salt, and grime on the roads, and the simple act of driving results in the mess getting thrown up onto your car. When the temperature drops, the moisture freezes on your car, increasing the time contaminants are in contact with your paintwork – a recipe for rusting. Regular washes – every other week or even every week – will remove dirt, salt, and grime from your car and lengthen the life of your paintwork. 

Clean the Undercarriage

The undercarriage of your car gets the most abuse from salt and grime during the winter. Prolonged exposure to salt can do real damage to a car’s undercarriage, resulting in possible mechanical problems in the future and reduced resale value. Our focused high-pressure hoses are able to get to all the nooks and crannies, making sure that the salt takes a hike. 

Get Great Service at Route 5 Car Wash

Is your car hidden under a layer of dirt, grime, or salt? Make it stand out from the grimy crowd with a full-service car wash from Route 5 Car Wash in Palisades Park. Stop by our location today, or call (201) 943-5118 to learn more. Need to get back on the road quickly? We also offer express car washes and unbeatable deals.

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