We all love nature, but it is easy to feel personally attacked when a bird makes a mess all over your freshly washed car. For years, New Jersey has been infested with insensitive and problematic pigeons. In addition to being an embarrassing eyesore, bird droppings are particularly harmful to your vehicle. No one understands car detailing like the specialists at Route 5 Car Wash. For a clean inside and out, contact (201) 943-5118, and get scheduled today! 

Bird Damaging Car

Few people know that pigeon feces can transmit a cornucopia of illnesses including meningitis, plague, salmonella, respiratory infections, and hundreds more. Simultaneously, millions of dollars are spent each year on property damage due to pigeon excrement. If you happen to get pigeon discharge on your car, don’t worry: all is not lost. 

What Pigeon Droppings Can Do to Your Car

Pigeon droppings are not only full of disease-carrying bacteria but are extremely corrosive. This means that it can burn through materials as hard as metal, making your parked car vulnerable to damage. The natural acid can quickly melt through your car’s clear coat and ruin the paint beneath. Once the damage is done, the unexpected cost of repair can get high. 

How to Clean Bird Poop on Your Car 

In some cases, bird waste has been reported to eat away at a car’s clear coat and paint in as little as 48 hours. If you can not make it into a professional car wash in time, then you need to handle the situation yourself before damage occurs. Baby shampoo is a gentle soap that is strong enough to break up bird droppings. Soda water has also been a quick remedy on fresh stains. 

Considering that pigeons eat off the ground, it is understandable that their passings sometime contain bits of gravel. Be sure to wipe carefully to avoid scratches. 

For proper car detailing, see the masters of the 3-minute express car wash in Palisades Park. Providing Express Sevices You Can Trust, Route 5 Car Wash can be reached at (201) 948-5118. Contact us today, or view our specials online

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