Express Car Washes in Palisades Park

From balancing a work schedule to personal plans, we understand that everyone leads busy day-to-day lives. That’s why we’ve made the task of getting your car washed that much easier for days when you have limited time. With our express car wash option, our team at Route 5 Car Wash brings these three conveniences with every wash.

1) We’re Lightning Fast

When we say “express” car wash, we really mean express. Our operation can complete over 100 car washes every hour, meaning you’re always going to receive prompt service. Not only are we extremely quick, but we also specialize in giving the most thorough, complete wash.

2) Save with a Monthly Plan

If you want to ensure your car always stays spotless, then we recommend selecting one of our monthly packages for unlimited washes. Whether you want the entry level package of basic washes or our most comprehensive package of showtime washes with all of the add-ons, we have a price point that’s perfect for every customer.

3) No Appointment Needed

The best thing about our express car washes? You can swing by anytime! We pride ourselves on being the fastest car wash in Palisades Park, so we’ve streamlined our process where you’ll be in and out in three minutes or less. That’s one less appointment you have to worry about.

Looking for a reliable car wash for all your auto detailing needs? Stop by our location at the corner of Columbia Avenue and State Route 5 in Palisades Park. Call ahead at (201) 943-5118 to speak with our experienced staff at Route 5 Car Wash today.

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