We know life moves at a fast pace. Most days, the last thing on your mind is washing your car—especially during these cold NJ months! However, cleaning off the road salt and other grime is important for your car’s upkeep. At Route 5 Car Wash, we can have you in and out with our basic express car wash in three minutes or less.

You heard that right: three minutes or less! We know your time is precious. Our car-wash team specializes in giving our customers a high-quality, car wash at a fast pace. Because we’ve been in business in Palisades Park since 1958, we’ve developed a seamless, touchless, express car wash system that’s affordable and extremely thorough.

Our basic express car wash (only $6—tax included!) gets your car the following:

  • Pre-Soak
  • Soft-cloth wash
  • High-pressure air dry

This basic express car wash is perfect for a weekly cleaning, so your car isn’t carrying around dirty, potentially corrosive elements. Plus, for an on-the-go person like you, the express car wash is easy to get over your lunch break or on your way to the grocery store. For more extensive car care, when you have a few more minutes to spare, you may opt for a monthly, full-service car wash or car detailing.

Centrally located in Palisades Park, Route 5 Car Wash is easily accessible to anyone driving along Route 5 or to nearby Edgewater, Fort Lee, or Ridgefield, New Jersey. Come visit us at Route 5 Car Wash, and see why our friendly customer service and fast-but-detailed car washes have kept us in business for over 60 years.

To ask about our express car wash, contact Route 5 Car Wash at (201) 943-5118.

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