New Jersey Car WashWhen it comes to a car wash, many customers opt for what’s fastest or cheapest. However, that method doesn’t necessarily mean your car gets the right wash. Take some time to explore your car-wash options. At Route 5 Car Wash, we have both Express Car Wash and Full-Service Car Wash packages at different price points. Before you come into our Palisades Park, NJ, location, we recommend you discover the difference and choose which one is right for your vehicle.

Express Car Wash

Our touchless express car wash cleans your car in three minutes or less and is quite affordable. We have several different packages within our express car-wash option, ranging from the $5.99 Basic Wash package (which includes a wash, pre-soak, and air dry) to our $10.99 Rock ‘N Roll (which includes tire shine, wheel bright, rust inhibitor, sealer wax, UV undercoat protectant, brushed wheels, and clean undercarriage). With any of our express options, you can get a beautifully clean car in no time at an affordable rate—perfect if you’re trying to get it done over a lunch hour or on your way out of town.

Full-Service Car Wash

Our full-service, professional washes are unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Our trained crew takes great measures to make sure your car is perfectly clean. Our full-service packages include options like interior vacuuming, air dusting, sealer wax, and hand-applied spray wax. Prices range anywhere from about $13.99 to $28.99, depending on which options you choose. The full-service option is ideal for individuals wanting to take the time to make sure it’s done right and who appreciate attention to detail.

If you have additional questions about our car wash options, contact the Route 5 crew at (201) 943-5118, or stop by our Palisades Park, NJ, location. We’ll be glad to walk you through our options and help you determine what works for you. Be sure to also ask us about our car detailing services. Route 5 can make sure your car is spotless inside and out.

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